Top 3 Countries In The World Where Indian Rupees Will Make You Feel Rich

Everybody has a dream to go abroad once in their lifetime just to see the culture of the foreign county, their architecture, their values etc. But Let me tell you it is not always expensive to have a holiday in the foreign countries. The biggest show stopper is Money while planning for the foreign holiday. Today I am going to show you  Top 3 countries where Indian Rupees will make you feel rich, where you can plan to go to:

1) Indonesia :

Indonesia is one of the beautiful places with islands, clear blue water, and awesome climate. Bali is the most visited places in Indonesia. Here currency used as  Indonesia Rupiah which is lower than Indian Currency. Currency conversion is as below:
1 INR = 211.88 Indonesian Rupiah

2) Vietnam:

You can add a Vietname place in your travel destination list as it is famous for Pagodas created on Buddhist culture. It is the perfect destination for you as it gives totally different experience altogether. Here Currency conversion is as below:
1 INR = 349.70 Vietnamese Dong

3) Cambodia:

This place is famous for its huge temple. National Museum and Royal Palace are the main tourist attractions of this place. It is also a pocket-friendly destination for you. Here Currency conversion is as below: