This is Perfect Weekend Gateway From Mumbai in Winters

Now relax from all the worries or stress at work and plan for the perfect weekend at Mahabaleshwar. Mumbai is the city about which it is said that it never sleeps. It offers you numerous places around it where you can spend your weekend with your family. It is the place which has the most picturesque natural beauty all around. You will be awestruck to visit this place. There are many places in Mahabaleshwar which you should not skip it and which you will enjoy a lot of winters. It's very easy to go there from Mumbai as it hardly takes 5-6 hrs. If you are adventurous then its a perfect destination for you as you can do the paragliding at Panchgani.

Elephant's Head Point :

Vienna Lake:

Chinaman Water Fall:


Paragliding at Panchgani:

Strawberries :

You can get a variety of fresh Strawberries in winters. There is a Mapro garden which is very famous. You get all kind of strawberry and raspberry shakes, jams, toffees etc.


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