99% People Do Not Know These 3 Facts About Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, which is also known as a symbol of love. It's made up of white marble. It is situated in Agra. It is indeed a very beautiful monument in the whole world. It comes in one of the seven wonders of the world. If you visit it once, do not forget to click the pictures with your partner. It will be lifetime memories for you. Today I am going to tell you the facts about Taj Mahal, which 99% people probably do not know.

1. Shah Jahan never ordered to cut the hands of the artisans :

It is to be believed that he ordered to cut off the hands of the artisans who have created such a historic monument so that in future nobody can build another one same as Taj Mahal. But it is not true. There is no evidence found that says he has done this kind of crime with the people who made this happen.

2. Agra was not the original destination for this grand Monument:

Agra has become famous due to Taj Mahal situated here. It was not supposed to be the original destination to build this. Mumtaz for which this huge palace was built, had died during childbirth in a city called Burhanpur which currently exists in Madhya Pradesh. That city was the first choice to get this monument build. It did not have enough white marble to build this great architecture, so later all the remaining work have been transported to Agra where we can see how the great Taj Mahal.

3. It took 22 years to build this monument:

It is hard to believe, but yes it took completed 22 years to build this. Around 20000 workers were recruited from all over Asia to create this. To transport heavy construction material, 1000 elephants were used at that time. There are total 28 sorts of Jewels used in this structure.
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