7 Must Visit Places in Paris Which You Should Not Skip at Any Cost


"An Evening in Paris" holds the greatest fascination among each and everyone in the world. It is the city of love. This city has one of the 7 wonders of the world called "Eiffel Tower". Who does not have a dream of going on top of the Eiffel tower with his love and have the most amazing feeling? You will be one cloud nine on that day. This city has a magical charm that nobody can stop himself/herself visiting this city again. It is the city which you will immediately fall in love with. There are many places to visit in this city like museum, pubs, cruises, parks, etc. Below are the must-visit places in Paris which you should not skip at any cost.

1. Eiffel Tower:

The Eiffel tower is the most cherished dream for everybody. It is considered as one of the wonders of 7 wonders in the world. You will have to book the ticket either in advance or you get it on the spot by standing in a queue to go on the top floor of it. You can see the picturesque view of the entire city. If your partner is along with you, you can feel the most romantic moments, on top of the Eiffel tower.

2. Disney Land:

This is the amazing place in Paris. Once you reach there, your heart will start jumping in an excitement. You can take one day pass or two days pass depends upon your requirement. If you take two days pass, there is some discount will be offered. As this park is situated on the outskirts of Paris, it would be better if you book your hotel nearby only. There are so many rides, which you cannot cover in 1 day. If you are adventurous in nature, this is the perfect place for you in Paris.

3. The Louvre:

It's also called as Museum De Louvre. It is the largest art museum in the world. It has a big courtyard outside the museum where lots of fountains can be seen. Many tourists can be seen taking pictures with the pyramid. It has free entry on Friday evening. It has the famous Monalisa Original painting here.

4. Seine River Cruise:

Get ready to enjoy a most romantic Escapade in the Heart of, Paris, Seine river. You can see the Eiffel tower view from the cruise itself. Cruise normally takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete one round of the Paris city. I would suggest if you want to take more fun out of it, choose an evening time for the cruise. You can see the entire city view while riding on a cruise. It will go through many canals as well. It will be a fantastic experience.

5. Moulin Rouge:

It is the famous and oldest nightclub in Paris. If you go to the Montmartre cathedral from Blanche station, you will see this Moulin Rouge on the way. You can see the world famous Cabaret dance here. You can enjoy Cancan dancers, fabulous costumes, and nice music.

6. Notre -Dame Cathedral:

It is one of the historical monuments of the Paris. It is also called as "The House of God and the abode of men". It is the oldest and largest cathedral in the world which has finest French Gothic Architecture. Many brides come here for their Pre-wedding shoot as it has a unique architecture.

7. Pont des Arts (Love Lock Bridge):

It is also called as Love lock bridge as you can see in the above picture there are many locks are hanged on the bridge. These locks cannot be seen anymore as the government has prohibited to put locks on the bridge. Earlier due to millions of lock bridge has become weakened and may break at any point in time. So now they have made bridge railing as love lock proof so that nobody can put a lock. May couples can be seen on this bridge by holding hands or kissing each other. It's an ideal spot for lovers.

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